Expert: Airport of Imam Hussein (AS) will bring millions of dollars in revenue annually

After selecting the Iraqi National Investment Commission end of this month, the date for the issuance of the investment project of Imam Hussein Airport Vacation (p) International in the holy city of Karbala, an expert predicted civil aviation to achieve revenue of millions of dollars from the operation of the airport annually.
The expert said Manaf Hussein «morning»: The King Hussein Airport (p) would be a quantum leap in the Iraqi aviation history, particularly that it will be the most advanced in the region and will bring revenue could exceed $ 100 million annually, the importance of the historic city, which is witnessing a visit millions of believers from every corner the world each year ».
The expert pointed out that the project is implemented in accordance with the three-stage card passenger from 15 to 20 million passengers a year, indicating that the designs prepared by one of the French offices according to the latest international standards for the establishment of airports. The head of the Investment Commission, Sami al-Araji, said while attending the Karbala Provincial Council meeting last week: that «the Council of Ministers will issue the investment license for a draft of Imam Hussein Airport« peace be upon him »the end of the month of August.»
During the meeting, according to a statement of the province, listening to a detailed explanation by the Chairman of the National Investment Authority were exchanged visions on the project ». It is noteworthy that the Ministry of Transport took over in March last all charts, maps and tablets and sculptures on a project for the airport of Imam Hussein (AS) in the holy city of Karbala for the delegation threshold Hosseinieh that have adopted the construction of the airport after the crash for years.
The Commission announced controls on investment in the Karbala Provincial Council, on the fifth of January last completion of the outer fence of the airport project within the specifications are good ».
He called the former Transport Minister Amir Abdul-Jabbar of the Council of Ministers to transfer Karbala Airport Project (Imam Hussein) to the threshold Hosseinieh like the decision to convert the metro project to the secretariat of Baghdad, accusing the National Investment Commission of stalling in not granting the investment license to the threshold of Husseiniya