Rains kill and displace thousands and disrupted movement in Sudan

Damaged tens of thousands of rain and floods that is sweeping large parts of the states of Sudan, with the Sudanese Red Crescent said the high number of affected by the rains that have hit the country since mid-July to about 60.350 thousand people.
The capital , Khartoum, Saturday, heavy rains lasted for about four hours, caused the collapse of a number of homes, power outages most of the day.
The rain and floods have paralyzed public transport in many parts of Khartoum, amid fears of more heavy, according to meteorological forecasts body.
Activists and trading images of the streets of Khartoum features have disappeared as a result of poor drainage channels, as well as the departure lounge Khartoum International Airport , which has turned into a pond.
The Sudanese Minister of Interior has revealed Friday that 13 states out of 18 affected by the floods, which have killed 76 people and destroyed thousands of homes.
For its part, the Ministry of Water and Irrigation has announced that water levels in the Nile River reached its highest level in more than 100 years, causing floods in many areas of the country.
The Sudanese Ministry of Interior issued earlier time statistics revealed that the 3206 floods destroyed homes, and left more than 3048 financial house in Kassala state east of the country damage.