The start of the referendum on a new constitution for Thailand process

Voters in Thailand began to cast their ballots on Sunday in a referendum on a new constitution backed by the ruling military junta in the country , paving the way for a general election in 2017.
Opinion polls show a slight progress in favor of the new constitution, but most voters have not decided their position yet, and the number of registered voters , 50 million voters, targeting the Election Commission turnout of 80%, and is expected to know the preliminary results of this evening.
The sources pointed out that this referendum is the first major test of the military council , headed by Prime Minister Prayoot Chan-OCHA , which suppress political activity during the two years since he took power in a 2014 coup.
He Prayoot that he "would not resign if the Thais reject the constitution , and that a general election would be held next year , whatever the outcome, He added before the referendum" We have a general election in 2017 because this is the promise we gave him "...." There is a constitution of the people the satisfaction of 100%. "
The military overthrew two governments were run by the Shinawatra family , the window in more than 10 years of political turmoil in Thailand.
Critics say the constitution , an attempt by the army to remedy its failure to keep former Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra , the populist approach of Thai political life after the coup that ousted him in 2006.
And despite the fact that former Prime Minister Thaksin lives in self - imposed exile , it retains a strong influence , especially among rural folk base in northern Thailand, and reached his sister Yanjlok to power in a landslide election victory in 2011