Erdogan: We will build the state from scratch and establish an army that protects people, not kill him

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan warned that the organization "Fethullah Gulen" does not aim to control the country alone, but also seeks to stretch to the African countries, stressing at the same time that the government is taking all necessary measures to purge the army properly, "to protect the people do not kill him. "
Turkish president 's remarks came during a lengthy interview interview with the Qatari channel "Al Jazeera", aired on Saturday night , August 6 , 2016, which dealt with a failed coup attempt and reactions on them.
Erdogan said that the organization "Fethullah Gulen , " is one of the coup attempt, adding that the group "does not seek to take control of Turkey alone, but expansion to the African countries , " adding that the group "is not a religious but a terrorist trying to control the country and its economy."
He continued: " The complacency with the unjust betrayal of the oppressed, and will not become complacent with the putschists, these traitors, will not Nrahmanm, they do not have only their own interests, and Senzilha, will not allow them to be in the state institutions," he underlined in this regard , "We run the state in a democratic way, and they putschists, they bombed the parliament, the presidential palace, and the General intelligence Directorate, and they tried to take control of the military institutions, they can control some buildings, but will not be able to control the people. "
Erdogan drew Speaking to Amnesty International , said: "Know your borders and be honest." He said he will change the Turkish army for the army to be the protector of the people do not have a fighter, and will change the curriculum and teachers in military schools for the benefit of Turkey.
He added: "There are civilians , bombed on the orders of a man found in Pennsylvania (Fethullah Gulen), and all the darkness those who follow him are paying the price, they use religion to control people."
He continued: "We are not afraid of death, we are Muslims , and death for us as, when destiny comes not Nstkdm hour, Look at that young man who slept under a wheel of the tank."
Turkish president pointed out that " the coup attempt hurried to the implementation of ( the coup) but the people were on the lookout for them, the government had excluded the elements of the group" Gulen "of the military Shura Council, and the group tried to pre - empt it."
He added: "We warn all our friends in the world of the rogue group Gulen, many countries require help us to get rid of them and their schools, coup leaders hiding behind their own schools , which they claim are religious, we try since 2000 KD castles putschists and the closure of schools suspicious."
Erdogan described the failed coup attempt that it "was similar to the earthquake , " noting in this regard , "we are working to prevent any aftershocks her, but she made ​​me more determined to fight the group , Fethullah Gulen."
He stressed , "We will take all necessary measures to purge the army (of the coup) the right way, and we need to proceed to build a state we are building from scratch , " adding that " the military schools and colleges will be open to all Turks, and want to build an army that protects people , not kill him."
And the rally called for tomorrow , Sunday, under the "Democracy and martyrs" logo in the "Winnie Topkapı" Square in Istanbul, with the participation of opposition parties, Erdogan said , "Tomorrow we are in it and one ton, and will be the Turkish people at the heart of one man."
The capital , Ankara, Istanbul, late, on Friday (July 15) the past, failed coup attempt, carried out limited elements of the army, tracking organization "Fethullah Gulen" (parallel entity), which tried to control aspects of the state and its institutions security and media.
And met with the coup attempt staged protests massive popular in most cities and states, as citizens draws large crowds to the parliament and the presidency of the General Staff of the capital, the international airport in Istanbul, and the security directorates in a number of cities, forcing military vehicles were deployed around the withdrawal and contributed significantly to the failure of the planned coup .
It is worth mentioning that the organization "Fethullah Gulen elements" have for many years penetrating into the state apparatus, particularly in the police and judiciary, military and educational institutions, in order to control the levers of government, which emerged clearly during the coup attempt failed.