Hassan: investigation on the statements of al-Obeidi will end without result and everyone is innocent

MP for the coalition of state law , Judge Mahmoud al - Hassan to stop the work of the House of Representatives after what he called the setbacks experienced by over the past years and miserably failed the performance of his constitutional duties, and with the exception of "questioning" in parliament , " the plays begin and end without any avail , " guessed that the investigative committee concludes on the statements of the defense minister , without access to any result.
Hassan said in a statement, said that "the most important duties of the House of Representatives is the control over the performance of the executive authority and that the failure of the distinction and therefore to a malfunction of course the work of the Council , which was built on the basis of political blocs holds the nomination of the works to the executive branch."
He promised that " the interrogations that took place was a drama begins and ends without any avail , because their purpose is unknown , " and expressed his conviction that " the investigative committee , which was formed on the statements of the defense minister will end without reaching any conclusion, and that everyone is innocent nothing to do with anything , " according to he said.
Hassan said that "what needs to be remedied is off hundreds of billions spent annually on the House of Representatives , " adding that " the next worst if he continues the work of the Council , which did not provide anything for the Iraqi people."