Pyongyang accuses Washington of preparing to launch a "pre-emptive nuclear strike" against it

North Korea Saturday accused the United States is preparing to launch a pre-emptive nuclear strike against it and, after Washington announced its intention to deploy strategic bomber B-1 aircraft in the Pacific Ocean in an unprecedented move in a decade.
It is scheduled to reach the strategic bombers to the US island of Guam in the western Pacific Saturday, also said the US military, which did not send launcher of this model to the US island since April 2006. According to an official statement carried by the state news agency North Korean "The enemies are in the process deceiving to show that they can prepare to launch nuclear pre-emptive strike on the Democratic People's Republic of Korea by sending BP plane -1 to fly over the Korean peninsula during the two to three hours when necessary." The statement added that "such measures to promote nuclear power, proves once again that the US imperialists consider launching a nuclear pre-emptive strike against the Korean People's Democratic Republic, a fait accompli." Experiencing the Korean peninsula increasingly tense since the fourth nuclear test by North Korea on the sixth of January and then launch a ballistic missile on the seventh of February in a move seen as the experience of the long-range missile. In the face of this growing North Korean threats, said the United States and Seoul, they had agreed to the deployment of anti-missile "Thad" before the end of this year, the shield, a move Pyongyang has threatened to respond to them as "practical action" did not specify what it is.