Mohammed Ali Rashid Lootah, Executive Director of Commercial Compliance and Consumer Protection and the Department of Economic Development

DED launches IP gateway to receive complaints of infringement of trade marks electronically start of September 2016

Commercial Compliance and Consumer Protection sector announced in the Department of Economic Development announced the launch of "intellectual property gate", the first of its kind on the electronic world and for receiving complaints of trademark infringement through the website of the Department of the gate. DED seeks through the portal to automate all procedures relating to intellectual property issues start to receive complaints and open files and from field officer and moved through the receipt of the results and submit them to the owner of the brand. The portal will start receiving files and issues as of early September 2016.
The launch of the IP gateway within the efforts to strengthen the business sector and to achieve sustainable economic development of Dubai's economic strategy, in addition to strengthening trust between the public and private sectors, and to protect the economic interests of dealers, suppliers and owners of patents and trademarks. DED seeks through this initiative to translate the wise guidance of the government in the transition from manual procedures to electronic and smart procedures, access to the sustainability of economic development to the highest levels of global competitiveness. The Muhammad Ali Rashid Lootah, Executive Director of Commercial Compliance and Consumer DED protection, that IP gateway in line with the vision and directives of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, UAE Vice President and Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai, "Amir," and of reducing Auditors government centers by 80% by the year 2018, where this system will reduce the reviewers visit from law firms and brand owners by 100%. And Lootah said: "Learn DED ongoing efforts to please customers and raise the level of public satisfaction with the audience of businessmen and investors by developing the services they provide, and we are proud today to launch IP gateway that will provide added value for the stakeholders of the trademark owners, law firms, and rights distribution, and commercial agencies, where the applicant can file a complaint and the opening of the case file electronically through an economic site Dubai in a period not exceeding 10 minutes from any location around the world, rather than come to the headquarters of the economic and submit manually demand, without the need to go back to the headquarters of the circuit in the event of the client's desire to see the details of seizure and developments. " As a related development, the famous Al Shamsi, Senior Manager, intellectual property and commercial agencies issues in the Department of Economic Development, said: "The sector team to prepare a workshop for all law firms that regulate the owners of different brands relations on the new electronic system mechanism of action and how to move from a manual procedure to mail in the event of applications, the Fatah complaints of trademark infringement files, and see the outcome of the case following the adoption of the procedure followed by the field team. " He praised the Shamsi how responsive law firms and welcomed the new system, which applied consideration of early September will begin in 2016, and assured the audience that this online system will help save time and effort on them, along with the fast delivery in the submission of applications, which affects positively the total time to complete the transaction. He added Shamsi: "The new portal is part of the efforts of the sector towards overcoming the obstacles to traders and investors from trademark owners, and to ensure the rights and achieve sustainable economic development through intellectual property for their product protection. In turn, keen commercial control sector and consumer protection to meet the different partners at the sector level public and private for the most prominent developments with regard to their own policies and regulations, and discuss opportunities for cooperation with regard to awareness campaigns, and initiatives that contribute to addressing the practices of commercial fraud, and the phenomenon of counterfeit goods that pose a risk to the merchant and the consumer. "