Coalition forces alter the position of Salim al .. and compass heading to oust embattled Defense

2016-08-06 23:11:00 | (Voice of Iraq) - Baghdad

The crisis sparked by Defense Minister Khaled al - Obeidi to arrest him on charges of "defamation" and "cover - up" on corruption and extortion for more than a year may end issues. In preparation for any surprise crowd - Obeidi sons of his tribe in a tribal conference in a Baghdad hotel.

And moving the parliament speaker Salim al - Jubouri, one of the main accused in the list Obeidi judicial procedures may lead to the overthrow of the minister , who does not enjoy parliamentary immunity, according to informed sources.

During the 48 the last hour, we saw the Sunni forces position marked a change from the Speaker of Parliament, as the demand for his dismissal fell, in a move seen as it paves the way for the removal of the defense minister, especially since the latter does not have the "compelling evidence" to prove his accusations of Jabouri and a number of MPs.

The political leaks have indicated, on Friday, to hold some of the parties (coalition forces) meeting at the home of the leader of the coalition are united Osama Najafi, to nominate an alternative figure for Saleem al - Jubouri, as one of the solutions out of the crisis.

According to information, the meeting put forward the name of Mahmoud al - Mashhadani, a former speaker of parliament, along with MP Mohammad Tamim, a member of the Dialogue Front, in addition to the electrodes Ahmed, Chairman of the Alliance forces in parliament bloc, who were told that he was the front - runner to succeed al - Jubouri.

He had described the parliament speaker accused al - Obeidi, " the play to thwart his interrogation", announcing to file a lawsuit against al - Obeidi on the charges.

He accused al - Jubouri , the defense minister that it has become " a tool to implement - Sunni Sunni conflict", accusing the leader of a coalition united Osama Najafi being behind Alathmat launched by al - Obeidi.

Turn Najafi denied that what happened during the interrogation of al - Obeidi , " a struggle within the Sunni component , " stressing that "struggle against corruption." He stressed that "never be allowed to take refuge in the cult to cover corruption."

The President of the Parliament, days of accusations and defense minister after, for that "al - Obeidi in the event of proven allegations , which is impossible, Vchristasp prosecuted on charges of cover - up and if it does not prove it is uncertain Vchristasp prosecuted for defamation and misleading public opinion."

Counter - claims

Conversely announced former captain Iraqi lawyers Zia Saidi, the formation of a team of volunteer lawyers to support Defense Minister Khaled al - Obeidi.

The Minister of Defense, in his page on Facebook, that "Saidi , a team of volunteer lawyers for his support in the form of his steps to uncover corrupt and manipulators of public money."

He accused al - Obeidi, during the questioning session, Parliament Speaker and MPs to exercise extortion to pass arming decades around suspicions of corruption worth millions of dollars.

The court decided to eliminate and prevent the achievement of fairness travel both named in the charges and the Minister of Defense, including the speaker of parliament, after his or her statement before the Integrity Commission and the prosecution on Thursday. This was preceded by a similar decision by the Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi to prevent the travel of some of the accused.

The arrest of Defense Minister

However , the deputies informed the coalition forces, the political umbrella of Iraq, was likely to pay charges and the defense minister , "undocumented" to arrest him on charges of defamation.

MP, who asked not to be named, the sensitivity of the information, confirmed that the lawsuits filed by the Speaker of Parliament and Secretary of Defense against each other , "may end up first for the benefit of , al - Jubouri , the universe has immunity, while charges Obeidi rely on audio recordings, and the elimination of Aiatd it very much in proving the case corruption. "

Devt and the Parliamentary Integrity Committee, the end of last week, along with Saleem al - Jubouri 0.3 MPs , including former deputy. She described his parliamentarians as "very important."

The parliamentary committee is trying to get more answers from the Minister of Defense, who decides Tadhaifa Saturday. The Committee considers al - Obeidi , the minister did not give everything he has during the questioning session.

One of the members of the Integrity Committee, said the statements of the House of Representatives, at the hearing, was a "mentality of evidence" without providing documents or witnesses, but he stressed the need for the Secretary of Defense submit proof truthfulness of his allegations.

Why the decline year?

In the meantime, it seems that "coalition forces" have dropped for the dismissal of the Speaker of Parliament for reasons that are not clear, as MP Ahmad milkfish that , "says the coalition is sticking Paljbure, but untrue to the efforts of his dismissal."

And an alliance forces during the past 48 hours, a number of meetings , which included "political body" of the block.

He says milkfish, said in a statement that "most of the blocks within the coalition forces remain convinced al - Jubouri in office, but the overall atmosphere is heading for the dismissal of the defense minister."

And indicates a member of a coalition of power that "is not convinced of the political blocs , including al - Obeidi said, especially as he was aware of that information made ​​by more than a year."

The MPs from different political blocs have confirmed, earlier, that the majority of political forces in the House of Representatives is moving to the dismissal of the defense minister.

He attributed the House of Representatives so that the corruption charges were "clear" against the Minister of Defense, and the last "run away" from answering direct "charges weak" to the House of Representatives without evidence, in addition to public discontent that has taken place against the minister after directing "Stiam" public against the President parliament and a number of MPs.

Conversely he mobilized his supporters and the Minister of Defense in Baghdad, through a large tribal conference, sponsored by the tribal sheikh slaves descriptive Orontes.

He said the Orontes on Saturday, a number of media, said that the statement made ​​by Secretary of Defense during the questioning session was honest and so tried to defend the military.

In addition, says member of coalition forces from the connector MP triumph Jubouri, said that "al - Jubouri and ordered Obeidi depends on a crucial meeting of coalition forces."

She drew Jubouri that " the next meeting of the alliance will include the political body of the General Authority for a block to make a final decision in a crisis."

She commended the MP conductivity as it considered an important change in the behavior of the political forces in times of crisis, through recourse to justice to all, expressing the belief that the judiciary will decide the claims of the defense minister.

In a later development, it seems that the Speaker of Parliament retreat from the decision of failing to manage the parliamentary sessions until cleared of charges and the defense minister.

According to the House of Representatives decision of Imad Youkhana that "there is no legal or constitutional reason why there is the management of House Speaker Salim al - Jubouri , the coming sessions as the Chairman of the Board."

He Youkhana, said in a statement that "any request did not arrive until now to the parliament to withdraw confidence from the Parliament Speaker Salim al - Jubouri."

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