Turaihi attend an editorial project new city of Karbala Investment ceremony

The number of visits: 401 Published on: 6/8/2016, 16:56 Published by: Messenger of Delphi

It was attended by the governor of Karbala Aqeel Turaihi on Saturday, opening new draft city of Karbala Investment ceremony (New Karbala).

And the meeting attendees to party Chief Advisor of Prime Minister Dr Abdul Karim Hussein Al-Faisal and President of the national investment Commission Chief Sami Al-araji and the Parliamentary Committee on the economy and investment and Financial Committee Chairman Jawad Al-bulani Haitham Al-Juburi representative and member of the House of smile Crescent and the Governor of the Central Bank on relations and Chairman of the Council maintained the rhetorical and Deputy Governor Jassim Naseef's PM and the mayali and conservative councilor and Governor Mohammad Reza aides Silawi Erian and Mohammed Kamel and Director of the UNDP Office in Karbala, the Deputy Mayor and a representative of the Office of censorship Finance and a number of Government and private banks, managers, businessmen and investors.