High-Abadi calls to withdraw the hand of al-Obeidi and reveal the details of the "House of Jadiriyah"

The number of visits: 555 Published on: 6/8/2016, 18:11 Published by: Messenger of Delphi

Called MP Alia Nassif Reform Front, Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi to pull the hands of Defense Minister Khaled al-Obeidi of the ministry "to take action to conceal corruption in the ministry and landmarks revenge on the people who have contributed in exposing corruption."

Nassif said in an interview with her that "the defense minister after the questioning session in the first of this month began to take action within the ministry to hide corruption landmarks included the transfer of persons and arbitrary action against the others, accusing them of treason, and it was better for the prime minister to withdraw his hand from the ministry and the freezing of his powers until completion of investigations questioned him and the emergence of the results. "

And on the decision to prevent the speaker of parliament and a number of MPs from traveling, Nassif confirmed "that the decision form the shock of the Iraqi street. How can the prime minister depends on the non-physical evidence in making decisions prohibiting travel in a while Aatakz like such decisions right from there against them physical evidence? Why did not the minister is prevented from traveling after the interrogation that he received and files that indicate heavily on corruption? And whether we are in government in which Sharif punished and honors the corrupt?

She explained, "The decision essentially has no justification illegal and unconstitutional, as it is entitled to the Prime Minister to apply for a period of only 48 hours to prevent a person accused of escape to the outside, and we hope the prime minister that do not deal selectively personal and targeted in the decisions of the travel ban."

She continued, "on the day of questioning my son was lying in the hospital in a healthy position awkward and still put it on what it is to this day, albeit rid Iraq of corrupt and looters to which we had advanced hospitals, has been one of the interrogation files, the general military hospital, which if established by the Minister was possible that relieves the burden on the Ministry of Health and provide the treatment of the wounded SPLA and the crowd, but not corruption, there would have been a good education there will be migration of medical staff and scientific elites. "

She added, "As for what promoted me some electronic sites and pages of Facebook to someone who is corrupt is known and which is managed out of the house in the Jadriya and claim that I traveled abroad, I say to everyone that I am in Iraq and promised myself that I would continue to expose corrupt the evidence and documents, and after the completion of the Minister of file defense Sobeshr largest others to expose the corrupt file. "