Deputy for Basra set b to legislate special laws work ports and maritime delimitation

2016/8/6 17:05

{Baghdad: Euphrates news} placeholders called on Basra block citizen, best vows for legislation work ports and maritime delimitation.

According to a statement by informing the citizen received block {Euphrates news} copy of it today, in the midst of pursuing Parliamentary Deputy citizen's block of Basra best vows for the port of Faw port manager met during the meeting to discuss the most important developments that took place after the Investment Conference and invite companies. "

Best confirmed by the statement "several recommendations including the allocation and distribution of residential land lmntsi companies operating in Iraqi ports and addressing the most important problems facing Iraqi ports and lifting sunken ships and marine water cleaning and services."

She invited to follow the security situation in Iraqi ports and collaborate with other ministries and ports legislation specifically to work in ports and international agreements to facilitate work and maritime delimitation, customize the grades and controls that have been adopted to employment and financial department authentication owners. "

And noted the importance of the opening of a new Quay in the port of Um Qasr with an investment company and work on forming a national carrier to take advantage of that, thadidalaksam developed in the company including albier, marine pollution and maritime security code section.