Parliamentary Arabic warns of genocide in Hawija

2016-08-06 17:17:52

Baghdad/sky press:

Representative Arabic block revealed Saturday, ISIS 112 civilians executed terrorist residents of Hawija, warned of genocide in the judiciary, called the Commander in Chief of the armed forces to speed up the liberation of Hawija. +

Wudan cluster head Mohammed Tamim said in a statement, "" sky, "executions by ISIS against terrorist blast which killed over the past two 112 3000, citizen of her sons tried to escape the brutality of that organisation.

Terry called the Commander in Chief of the armed forces to "accelerate the liberation of Mosul and surrounding areas, and no chance of trying to undermine his determination to liberate the lands appropriated spending."

Cluster head pointed out that "what is going on in the town and its neighbourhood are genocide committed in broad fire without there being any action that deters its criminal gangs," aggravated "need urgent plans to save."

And it was the United Nations High Commissioner for refugees, said Friday that its reports from Iraq detention organized "ISIS" Ho 3000 people tried to flee their villages in Kirkuk, referring to the 12 people detained.