More than Iran's non-oil exports to Iraq two billion dollars in four months

2016/08/06 16:12

Long-Presse / Baghdad

Revealed the Iranian embassy in Iraq on Saturday, a rise "significantly" the value of her country's non-oil exports to Iraq during the past four months, and indicated that the achieved growth rate reached about 23%, by more than two billion dollars, and as pointed out that those The figures exceeded the value of exports for the same period of last year, he stressed that Iraq's third largest trading partner comes to Tehran after Turkey and China.

He said the Iranian ambassador to Iraq, Hassan Dnaii fled, in a press statement, followed up (range Press), said that "Iran's non-oil exports to Iraq during the first four months of the current Iranian year, starting from the month of last March, grew by 23% worth up to more than two billion dollars. "

He Dnaii fled, that "the growth achieved in trade with Iraq, is due to the strength of relations between the two countries at various levels of political, cultural and economic aspects."

For his part, Iran's commercial attache in Iraq, Ibrahim Reza Zadeh, told I followed (range Press), "The sum of what has been exported from the non-oil materials to Iraq during the first quarter of the current Iranian year, up to the 21st of July, it reached the limits of two billion and 460 million dollars, "adding that" those numbers have risen compared to what was exported during the same period last year, which amounted to up to one billion and 966 million dollars. "

Zadeh said, that "the sum of what has been exported from the non-oil materials to Iraq during the past Iranian year amounted up to six billion and 200 million dollars," pointing out that "Iraq has become the third largest trading partner of Iran after Turkey and China."

It is noteworthy that there are many border crossing points between Iraq and Iran in the provinces of Basra, Maysan, Wasit and Diyala, as well as the Kurdistan region, with trade between the two countries amounted to more than $ 14 billion over the past year in 2015.