Donor funds: Abadi Adviser "step" move Iraq development wheel

2016-08-06 at 14:43

Special balance news

Prime Minister's Adviser for Economic Affairs Mohammad Saleh appearance, Saturday, that the donors ' Conference funds represent "a step" to move the development wheel the wheel and stability for Iraq post "ISIS", noting that it also represents an opportunity to attract foreign investors.

He said, for the balance of news, that "donor State Conference is a key turning point of the war economies to peace economies, and that the latter needs funding opportunities".

He added that "Iraq obtained funds will be concentrated on projects to return displaced resettled regions, as well as the implementation of settlement projects of mine lifting and running water and sanitation projects and operation of electricity networks acceptable limit".

He continued, "these projects will contribute to global companies and after recognizing Iraq's climate, which opens the door to attract foreign investors and deal with new Iraq recovery environment and offer", adding that "money donors conference represents a step to move the wheel of development in Iraq and the stability of wheel post ISIS."

He fit, that "90% of parents of Saladin returned as ldiali and Anbar is preparing to return walsklaoih in Fallujah and Ramadi, which required emergency projects".

Abadi, Advisor stressed that "the Government is working as quickly as possible to employ those funds and they are ready to cooperate and implement their programs only to grant exchange mechanisms are complex and not easy matter."

He explained that "UNDP immoral to support security in the world", noting that "their companies will work in a climate which would give Iraq a chance to learn about nature, and likely those companies tend to other projects under the investment law that Iraq welcomes foreign investments".