Americans are getting the green light from Abadi to use forces base whenever they want (exciting details)

06-08-2016 01:24 PM

Arab newspaper revealed about granting Prime Minister Haider Abadi green light for us Army Air Forces Base South of Mosul as he pleased, indicating the arrival of dozens of us soldiers to the base with engineers and technicians and construction workers.

New Arab newspaper said in a report citing sources from within the Office Abadi, that "being talked for days inside the corridors of Office Abadi and limited number of military leaders about the continuing closeup install Americans their legs in the air forces base after the arrival of dozens of us soldiers with company engineers and technicians and construction workers", indicating that they "engaged in renovation and rehabilitation Base again after about a month on the Edit rule.

"She added that "giving the green light for Abadi us army use its own life in efforts to combat terrorism and eliminate the ISIS, without specifying a time limit for the survival of the American army", a sign that us forces pressed rehabilitation operations base, and she proceeded to qualify the remaining aircraft and meeting bed and overnight positions in aircraft base.

"Dean was quoted an Iraqi army corner (unnamed) as saying that "the United States might be planning to abandon the Turkish Incirlik base this step, excellent place for Americans forces base closest to the battlefields in Iraq and Syria, and closer to the Arabic region in General and to the Iranian border with Iraq," Noting that Al Qaeda might be ripe for action before the end of the year and no Iraqi Government rehabilitation incurred but all expenses on Americans. "