The Department of Immigration: 11010 thousand families displaced from Sharqat and Qayyarah

The Ministry of Displacement and Migration announced the latest statistics prepared for the number of displaced families to spend Sharqat hand and Qayyarah and areas south of Mosul was (11010) thousand displaced families.
The director of the northern governorates department in the ministry Muhannad Saleh Abdel - Rahim said in an interview, said the ministry received 972 displaced families during the past three days to receive the displaced center to spend the Baiji of counties and villages affiliated to spend Shirqat in Salahuddin province and areas south of Mosul after editing operations, indicating that the total of displaced families from the outskirts spend Sharqat areas and Qayyarah since the first day until today stood at (11 010) thousand displaced families.
And at the same ministry branch official in Salahuddin panic - Shammari said he was distributed (1521) thousand relief goods share among displaced families in Tikrit , including (382) food basket and (382) healthy basket as well as (370) Fan Air Shipping and (389) refrigerated air.