Jubouri of the Integrity Committee: will admit charges Obeidi , if proven successful in

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Najafi leading Sunni efforts to replace the parliament speaker Balmsara

Committee adds Obeidi to make sure statements Fatlawi and Mullah

At a hearing lasted for about an hour, the parliament speaker Salim al-Jubouri, was ready for the Integrity Commission for the recognition of participating in corrupt deals if they managed to Defense Minister Khaled al-Obeidi prove it.

Concurrently, it leaked information about a meeting of the coalition forces, during which they agreed on the dismissal of al-Jubouri, and provide candidates, most notably bloc in parliament chairman Ahmed electrodes.

Devt and the Parliamentary Integrity Committee, during the past two days, along with Saleem al-Jubouri 0.3 MPs, including former deputy. She described his parliamentarians as "very important."

Parliamentary Committee considers that the defense minister did not disclose everything at the last interrogation session, and he still had "reservations" on some of the names involved corruption issues. The Commission is considering climb Obeidi said Saturday.

He accused the defense minister, in the questioning session last week, House Speaker and MPs to exercise extortion to pass arming decades around suspicions of corruption worth millions of dollars. Obeidi said "al-Jubouri March political blackmail to pass arming and buy cars decades to be forwarded to those close to him for the purpose of obtaining kickbacks to Iraqi blood account operations.

But the head of parliament strongly denied accusations Obeidi, describing" the play to thwart his interrogation ", announcing to file a lawsuit against al-Obeidi on this accusations.

he described al-Jubouri, the defense minister that it has become "a tool for the implementation of a Sunni conflict - Sunni", accusing the leader of a coalition united Osama Najafi being behind Alathmat launched by al-Obeidi. in turn, denied Nujaifi to be what happened during the interrogation of al-Obeidi, "a struggle within the Sunni component it is a struggle against corruption. "he stressed that" there is never allowed to take refuge in the cult are to cover the corruption. "

The court decided to eliminate and prevent the achievement of fairness travel both named in the charges and the defense minister, who testified before the Integrity Commission on Thursday.

This was preceded by a similar decision by the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi travel ban defendants. In a later development, a local broadcast channel, yesterday, the session "secret" to interrogate the former minister of defense. Deputies had been confirmed, the day after the last interrogation to the minister, seeking to declassify the first interrogation, in order to inform public opinion on controversial details.

And led the MP Hanan al, in the winter of 2015, the questioning session in the House of Representatives, which has turned into a secret session to prevent the disclosure of military secrets, as was said at the time.

Climb Jubouri
Replied Saleem al-Jubouri, Thursday, at the hearing within the Parliamentary Integrity Commission, all the questions raised by the defense minister in the interrogation, according to a member of Juma Committee Bureau.

He declined Bureau, told the (range) yesterday, disclose details of what was discussed at the session Altadhaev attributing this to "confidential information."

But he stressed that he "will be revealed as a result of the investigation at a hearing next Tuesday after hearing all of the defendants by the Minister is complete."

A member of the Integrity Committee that it "Devt during the past two days, high Nassif Naiptin and Hanan al, as well as former MP Haidar al-Mulla."

Climb each of the three was a session lasting only 20 minutes each, while talking with the President of the Parliament took a full hour.

The Committee intends to climb on Saturday, both the head of the solution MP Mohammad al-Karbouli, Defense Minister Khalid Abdi to see the developments that I have heard from the House of Representatives during the hearings, in addition to the ministry inspector and a number of other officers.

The MP said Friday the Court that "the words of the House of Representatives, in Altadhaev session, was a mental evidence without providing documents or witnesses," he stresses "the need for the minister in turn provides proof of truthfulness of his allegations."

Obeidi has more
And confirms that the Office of the Attorney "al-Obeidi, alluded to some MPs that he did not disclose all the names that he has," adding that "the Integrity Committee would like to hear from the minister that the rest of the names."

And the dissemination of Defense Minister Khaled al-Obeidi site, on Facebook in his documentary short clip was filmed cinematic way, the minister shows he holds huge files and CDs, as he entered the building to the Integrity Commission.

It is hoped that the Integrity Commission, after listening to all the parties that were mentioned in the interrogation of the defense minister's meeting, cursing out a final statement at a hearing next Tuesday in the House of Representatives.

It is likely to witness Tuesday's session, two scenarios are: the dismissal of the speaker of parliament or minister of defense.

The leaked news of a meeting, on Thursday, at the home of president of a coalition united Osama Najafi to choose replacements for al-Jubouri.

In the meantime, MP Abdul Karim Abtan, the other member of the Integrity Committee, said that "the information provided by the House of Representatives and the rest of the characters were very important."

He revealed Abtan, told the (range) yesterday, that "the Commission asked the Speaker of Parliament, during its hearing about his relationship to mediate to hold some of the deals in the Defense Ministry," revealing that "al-Jubouri said he would recognize the accusations if he was able to Defense Minister prove it."

A member of the national coalition led by Iyad Allawi that "all respondents provided information denies what the defense minister in the last session."

He pointed to the Integrity Committee will add traders who mentioned al-Obeidi, in addition to the brother of the speaker of parliament, who was also named in the indictment.

Travel ban orders
And on the prevention travel defendants in the words of al-Obeidi measures, and efforts to lift the immunity of MPs, he said Abtan "has no right to any party that issued the decision to ban travel without the consent of the judiciary." .sv Allawi's bloc member, said the travel ban list did not include my name MP Fatlawi which reported its name through the process of interrogation, or MP Mohammad Ahalobsi that news leaked out that he had a relationship with the corruption deals.

Abtan He said that "the accusations against Fatlawi weak, and that Haider Mulla is said to the minister that he agreed with them to close the last interrogation file, while the other deputy was not named in the session."

He said a member of the Integrity Committee that "Mulla Fatlawi forward information denies occur by the Minister of Defense of the existence of a relationship between them on the withdrawal of the interrogation."

He stressed member of the National Bloc that "lift the immunity of MPs need parliamentary vote after a court ordered it."

The Interior Ministry announced on Thursday, the failure to extend MP Mohammed Halbusi procedures for the temporary ban travel on the back of the grill and Defense Minister Khaled al-Obeidi.

The Supreme Judicial Council decided, on Thursday, a travel ban on Parliament Speaker Salim al-Jubouri and six other officials named in the interrogation of Defence Minister Khaled al-Obeidi, a session that was held last Monday.