Rebel battalions safety granted to residents of system control areas in Aleppo - archival

Rebel battalions safety granted to residents of system control areas in Aleppo

Awarded combat battalions rebels in Aleppo's population under the control of the safety of the Syrian regime areas, pledging to protect them.
It called open Aleppo operations room civilians in areas controlled by the system areas to adhere to their homes, and not to approach the barriers Assad's forces and its headquarters; "in order to preserve their lives."
The chamber said in a statement carried No. 35, "The Your blood, your honor, your wealth is a trust in our necks, and maintain and uphold our responsibilities is the greatest."
It also recommended the fighters in the opposition's commitment to the laws of war and not compromising the ranks of civilians, and called on the international community, especially the countries supporting the opposition to prove their support for the Syrians, and help them to "end the ordeal to end terrorism Molde tyrants around the world."
It directed the army conquest operations room message to parents and residents in Aleppo, the whole province, from all sects and parties, confirmed where it will adhere to the principles of the Islamic religion in the battle, said: "It went into his house he is safe, and entered a mosque is safe, and the Church of income is safe, "also sent a veiled message to the regime allied militias and troops backed by the Iranians, Lebanese and Afghans, she said:" who threw his weapon is safe, "too. According to the agency "Lucky" the Italian news agency.
He said the fighters: "We are Mujahideen rebels asylum freedom, and we are not amateurs killed, and thank you both responded to our call and helped us in the bloodshed of our brothers in Aleppo from all denominations, and did not respond to our call Vlakhrj before we arrived to him if he can escape from under the hands of our heroes."