What sacrifice by Erdogan to gain friendship Russian President?

Alon Ben-David
Until very recently it was all news editor knows that with the heat and humidity in July, August option season: Important news out on vacation, and newspapers are filled with stories and anecdotes petty comes. But this summer, it is still in the middle of it, and if we see our vote Britain out of the EU, Europe and the United States are subjected to harsh operations, Turkey is witnessing a coup attempt. In recent days, and while we get caught up in the affairs on a global level, such as the political future «shadow», the World War taking place silently a few years since the rise degree. After that Russia attacked bluntly and openly leadership election to Hillary Clinton came under Alsaybr one of the worst attacks in its history. The Russian intelligence apparatus «FSB», went out of his habit and admitted that nearly 20 agencies and the Organization of Russian was impenetrable in overlapping attack. It was clear that the Russians are interested to show that they do not they are attacking only, but they are also a victim of the attacks. The «FSB» will be published today (Friday) additional details about the attack, which exposed him, but it is clear from now that Russia faced in this attack weapon Saybraa never met like him before. Such agents Algaphin in the era of the Cold War, who were sent to the opponent's superpower and are waiting for a phone call Tvolhm years, it seems that this time the Americans did? Gaphih tools were Gersoha long ago deep in the Russian computers. Need to develop such tools for many years and the other for their planting. This is supposed to be a weapon «Judgment Day» which is to be used only after it has exhausted all other means. So why President Barack Obama chose to do and burn the property of paramount importance now? Media believes in the United States that he had to respond to what seemed to him an intervention Rossi rude in the US election campaign. Obama and him, who always knew how to contain and Etjld on every attack on his country, which was silent when the French president threatened to severely unprecedented candidate Donald Trump, suddenly appeared deity revenge. But is he going to do with the tools if the Russians stormed the Trump leadership election headquarters? It will be interesting to discern what is thought by US intelligence leaders when he asked them to do tools «Judgment Day» they developed over the years in order to help the Democratic Party candidate for the presidency. They know that they Sastgrgahm years to develop such tools again. And I would be surprised if it turns out that they did not insist on registration of dissatisfaction in the records. Most prevailing understanding among the American media is that President Vladimir Putin wants to be elected Trump is why he ordered the disclosure of e-mails that were stolen from the Democratic Party headquarters. But this underestimates the shallow intelligently interpret the Russian President. Does the fact that Russia received within two days to call Trump revealed Clinton messages really comes to help him? Blocked error in understanding the praise Igdgah Putin candidate Trump. As he sees it exactly exactly what it is: simplistic, two-dimensional, not exactly «the sharpest knife in the Drawer», as the Americans say; but Putin would prefer a thousand times Clinton expected reconciled, the Trump provocative, which says that if America has a nuclear weapon , Vijml out that you are using. Voattoh another four years of poor administration in Washington, which will be completed control over Ukraine, Syria and unable to move to the next targets. The kindness shown by Putin to Trump targets only secured in the event that Trump actually elected.
Methodological revolution

We find it interesting that among the sections that Americans have chosen to attack in Rosa was also linked to energy sites in Turkey. They did this before a moment of transformation, Putin and Erdogan to become the best of the righteous. In the next week, Erdogan will travel to Moscow. In addition to the exciting show of confidence impression of a leader who dares to leave the country two weeks after the coup attempt, the Western world wondering what that sacrifice by Erdogan to gain friendship Russian president. Is it a statement puts a question the continuation of Turkey's cooperation with the West mark, or will resign his aspiration to overthrow Bashar al-Assad will be issued?
Erdogan has already built his argument that the absence is likely to move away from the West: Fmmtloh in all the world repeat novel coup planned and Adair of Pennsylvania. The claim is that US intelligence agencies were aware of the steps undertaken by the exiled leader Fethullah Gulen with his supporters in Turkey, they chose to ignore them. And more than this, the men Erdogan's claim that the attempted coup in Turkey was not aimed at achieving greater democracy. On the contrary, it was the goal of the conspirators approval of an Islamic republic on the pattern of Gulen. In other words, they are claiming that Turkey has survived a coup against Iran's pattern. The truth is that many of the conspirators against Erdogan were considered identical with Gulen and feared that bury from office. It is still hard to imagine that the Turkish army is leading an Islamist coup. In the meantime, Erdogan leads revolution methodological. He understood that he had erred while posting degrading images of officers tortured also erred when it established a separate cemetery «traitors». But the final word in Turkey is not yet at least. Erdogan if he chooses to withdraw his hand from Syria in exchange for renewable friendship with the Russians, Vstzhb ground from under the feet of the reconciliation agreement signed with us. The foundation of this agreement was a common fear between Turkey and Israel, the Iranian Shiite state in important parts, which was once Syria. Dilemma last week was intensified when the front organization announced the victory of the disruption from the norm and changed its name to the front of Fatah al-Sham. It is clear that step aimed at men pry victory for Daash and exempt from US attacks, but no step here is more than just a re-rating. It has become the most important open-Sham power between the opposition forces to Assad in Syria. They are controlled in the north-west of the state, in the border with Lebanon region and parts of the Golan Heights. Its leader, Abu Mohammad al-Julani, makes it looks because the parent organization of the Syrian opposition, and that the organization be a model of what he calls the gullible in the West «moderate Islamists.» Simply put, the difference between them and the Daash, in their opinion, is that they do not cut off the heads for the purpose of fun, but only for a good reason. But in the years that neighborhood Rakmenaha men with victory in the Golan, we have learned that this rational organization. They do not commit suicide, they do not torture people who live in their areas (of course, if they were a year) and are ready to cooperate with Western authorities. The regional land that was once Syria today can be divided into four forums central force: Leo, Daash, the Kurds and the opening of the Levant. Daash defeat and eventually expelled from Syria. Israel is under an obligation to make sure, but the move ends establishment Mraeih Iranian state in the western part of Syria on the common border with us. If we ignore for a moment the terrible human tragedy taking place in Syria, the Israeli interest is the only cold war is over there soon. In the meantime, Israel is doing the best it continues to keep its hands on Syria and not to interfere in the war there, but the moment in which we will have to choose what point are approaching.