Parliamentary Integrity refers eighteen ministers and 140 officers to justice

views 19 2016-08-06

The head of the Parliamentary Integrity Commission Talal Zobaie, Friday, August 5, 2016, that the committee was able to resolve dozens of issues on corruption charges pertaining to ministers and agents ministers and general managers and senior officers in the ministries of defense, interior and national security and the security services of other.

Zobaie said the journalists told the Committee was able to resolve the eighteen special file, ministers past and present, all of them accused of exploiting their positions to pass the corrupt contracts with mismanagement in violation of the rules and powers, noting that their files submitted to the Integrity Commission and the prosecution. "

He added that "The Committee ended its own investigation with seven agents and ministers accused of corruption are many, including wasting public money and walk not conform to the specifications listed in the contract terms of decades, in addition to other issues."

The president of the Parliamentary Integrity Commission, that "the Commission filed 178 dossier against two current and former managers to the Integrity Commission, all of them accused of contract files are incorrect and poor financial and administrative management."

With regard to the ministries of defense and interior ministries and security services of other Zobaie he said the body has nearly 140 all files belonging to senior officers in the ministries and concerning "contracts, equipment and armament, tenders and other financial matters, all in violation of the regulations and financial conditions."

He Zubai that all these issues have been resolved to issue an arrest warrant for the accused owners memoir by the judiciary and the integrity and ordered them to become the elimination table, a "will determine the validity of the charges or not against Ministers and their agents and general managers and officers."