Rearing Basra open recruitment to fill a grade

06/8/2016 12:00 am

Seeks to rely on electronic management in the work of the Chambers

Basra Saad Al-sammak

Rearing Basra revealed a close-call for appointment as a teacher or teacher to fill a grade. While working on projects, e-bonding networks to activate interactive education and get rid of routine, declared province near 1500 residential land distribution.

Distribution of land

The Governor said after a regular meeting of Majid Nasraoui Committee housing in the Town Hall: the «meeting also included discussion of Palm city apartments, the Commission decided to refer the city on Basra Investment Commission to develop study and how to develop property across investment».

And pointed to the «agreement on holding a meeting next Tuesday to discuss the purchase of residential plots for construction of a housing complex for employees of a company ports besides discussing allocation of remaining part of the large piece 3/2381 Rabat University professors once 59 piece, with coordination with the University Presidency to complete protected names and putting up their dealings to the Basra Municipal Directorate for the purpose of

A grade

So, the conservative Education Director Dr Abdul Hussein 'idani told of «morning» about the approval of the Minister of education Muhammad Iqbal pharmacist to give a functional compensation degree degrees in education as a teacher and tutor of Basra in the first instalment, will move to also approve 1500 other compensatory degree for appointment as artisans, guards, servants, teachers and teachers who have retired and deceased allowance when financial allocation of State budget for the next fiscal year.

Referring to the forthcoming opening submissions Directorate for those interested in hiring a teacher or instructor according to regulations and standards adopted in the Ministry of education, which will be the priority for educators and teachers contracted by the Town Hall and the volunteers who work without any remuneration, plus diplomas required disciplines such as English and mathematics.

Stimulate interactive learning

'Idani draw a Commission composed of representatives of the departments of educational supervision and assessment and exams and curriculum and quality management, as well as the provincial Council of Basra University take it upon themselves to make recommendations and proposals for the implementation of the project networks of interdependence between schools and colleges of education in the context of the revitalization of interactive education. He said the project aims to increase communication with the colleges of education as the responsible teacher and stand directly on the process of education and curriculum development, assessment and exams techniques, along with the development of the scientific aspects of the students.

Electronic management system

Referring to continue preparations for electronic management system in balmlakat using Directorate services that possess qualifications and specialties required to accomplish all modern systems, providing conservative management desktops and messaging devices and printers and archiving and electronic surveillance of correspondence and official books and with a sufficient number of programmers and engineers to run this electronic system which would dispense with paper system and get rid of redundancies.

The Directorate also seeks to coordinate with the Ministry to prepare a plan of activities that you can ask for investment or joint operating and financial returns from exploitation in the development of the educational sector and move away from reliance on Government to provide the required inputs customization.

Director of the Basra education praised the efforts made by the career section of the Directorate for its new campaign to rehabilitate 3000 school trip in cooperation with UNICEF, the Organization direct in» my port and the happy martyr in the bastion.