The Baghdad Council "legitimate" to evaluate the service projects in the capital.

2016-08-05 at 18:55

Special the balance of news

Detect Baghdad provincial Council decision Farhan Qassim, Friday, of project Council William to calendar service projects in the capital.

Kassim said/"scales news provincial Council presented a project for evaluating service projects in the capital Baghdad during the previous meeting, stating that" the project was first reading. "

He added that "the draft law States that the Council shall coordinate with the Ministry of planning a future plan for projects across the capital, adding that the law also controls choose appropriate projects as need area and identify the causes at the reluctance of the projects and the performance of accounting".

The Member of the Security Committee in Baghdad, Saad motallebi confirmed l/balance of news earlier that the draft set the cameras inside Baghdad stopped for lack of financial allocations, among project is part of a special security plan for Baghdad