Province: export more than 14 million barrels in July

2016/8/5 21:35

[Oan- Baghdad]

The Ministry of Natural Resources in the Kurdistan region, in its report on oil revenues and exports Monthly, said that the amount of oil exported during the month of July, and reached more than 14 million barrels.

The ministry said in its report, "The July exports stood at 14 million, 176 thousand and 761 barrels, and the oil revenues, which amounted to 14 million, 196 thousand, and $ 477," noting that it "caught in a cash amount 389 million, 757 thousand, and $ 229 ".

According to the report, the Alsadrt oil reached a daily basis 457 thousand, and 314 barrels of oil, was selling oil issued by the Turkish port of Ceyhan, "adding that" the price per barrel of $ 32.53. "

The row in years between the center and the region to export the power and confined in the absence of oil and gas inactivated law passed for years, but the two sides reached in December 2014 an agreement to export the region 250,000 barrels of production with 300,000 barrels of the province of Kirkuk fields in exchange for pay Baghdad Kurdistan's share from the federal budget by 17%, but this agreement has struggled since then with the exchange of accusations between Baghdad and Erbil non-compliance, but did not announce any of them terminate the agreement.