The stock market to achieve a rise for the month of July in the number of shares traded by 33%

2016-08-05 19:34:00 | (Voice of Iraq) - Baghdad

Iraq Stock Exchange, announced on Friday, the high number of shares traded during the month of July by 33%, as shown that the value of this trade increased by 23% compared with June, stressed that the number of shares traded during the last month amounted to more than 131 billion shares.

The executive director of the market , Taha Ahmed Abdul Salam said that "Iraq Stock Exchange systems in the month of July 14 trading session, and did not organize six sessions in the same month due to the Eid al - Fitr holiday and official holidays."

He said Abdul Salam that " the number of companies traded for shares in the market amounted to (58) joint - stock company, while the number of shares traded (131.927) billion shares, thus achieving an increase of 33% compared to the month of June , " noting that " the value traded (39.562) billion dinars , thus achieving an increase of 23% compared with June. "

Taha said that " the market index closed at the end of the month of July 2016 on the (568.770) points , up by 5% compared to close the month of June of $ (539.47) points , " noting that " the market higher altitude his record during the month in session 28/7 / 2016 when it closed at (568.77) points , and the lowest low when it closed at (538.210 points) at the 07/12/2016 meeting. "

Taha stressed that " the market value of shares listed on the market rose by 2% compared with June."

And between Taha that " the number of shares bought for non - Iraqi was (22.041) billion shares were traded through (647) buyout worth $ (9.556) billion dinars from trading shares of 24 listed company, but sold shares of non - Iraqis have reached (789.967 ) million shares were traded through 325 transactions sale, amounting to (731.497) million of shares (7) listed shareholding.

The Iraq Stock Exchange revealed, in the July 5, 2016, for A decrease in the value and number of shares for the month of June has decreased compared with last May.