Italy offers more than 440,000 euros to support the reform of infrastructure in Diyala

2016/8/5 13:21

[Oan- Baghdad]

High Commissioner of the United Nations for Refugees welcomed the new funding announced by the Government of Italy and of 441 thousand and 500 euros to help support the reform of basic infrastructure in Diyala province.

A statement from the UNHCR received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of it, "The project aims to provide infrastructure support to restore public services, which helps to facilitate the reintegration of Iraqi returnees in the districts of Saadiya and Jalawla - the areas controlled by extremist groups for a brief period in late 2014, and the conflict has led to the displacement of about 20 thousand families who had fled to Khanaqin and surrounding provinces. "

"Some of the displaced families have begun to return to their homes in the last year after the government regain control of Saadiya and Jalawla, but the majority are not yet due to the serious injuries suffered by the basic infrastructure and private property."

He pointed out that "the extent of the damage is estimated at 50% in the Saadia and 75% in Jalawla, also considered a mass-winning, along with the absence of many services, one of the biggest obstacles to the return of displaced families."

The statement, that "local authorities in recent months been able to rehabilitate some of the public schools, hospitals, power systems and water, however, progress has been slow UNHCR and the international community has recently appealed for more support."

"The rehabilitation project, which the Government of Italy intends to finance the Commission and its local partners and to be implemented, focusing on the restoration of electrical power by installing twenty converted and assume operating costs associated in each hand, the project also includes improvement of sanitation, including the provision of two trucks to lift solid waste at each site, and will be the implementation of a public campaign to clean up for a period of one month, which will include different groups of volunteers in local communities. "

The statement quoted the Italian ambassador to Iraq Marco Carnelos, saying that "Italy has a long-term commitment in Iraq, and considers this contribution is a tangible proof of our determination on another to help the Iraqi people, who have been hit hard horrific acts of violence caused by Daash."

He added: "Our goal is to continue our support for the valuable work being done by the Commission to restore peace and prosperity to those people from the local community who are trying to return safely to their homes."

For his part, representative of the UNHCR in Iraq Bruno Guido "The generous contribution provided by the Italian government would facilitate the reintegration of Iraqi families returning to their homes in Diyala."

He said Guido: "The Iraqi government has faced challenges for the rehabilitation of public services in all sectors and is due mainly to the widespread destruction of basic infrastructure during the fighting, as well as the lack of funding, and we hope that this contribution will help to some extent in the reconstruction of Saadiya and Jalawla" .

The statement "to work in August / August this will begin with completion expected by the end of 2016, and the project will benefit directly on the 8 thousand families returning to their places of origin, while encourage about 12 thousand other displaced families to return to their homes in the near future." G

Italy is a major donor to UNHCR, which has provided more than US $ 10 million of unrestricted funds and regional in 2016.

**440,000 Euros equals 579m IQD**