Behind the conflict in Yemen, more than 6,400 people dead and 2.8 million displaced and refugees

The United Nations has accused the coalition and the Houthis violations against civilians

Accused of experts at the United Nations in a confidential report, the military coalition led by Saudi Arabia against the rebels in Yemen, of violating international humanitarian law bombed civilians and one location at least, also accused the rebels of violating this law, their use of civilians as human shields.
The secret report, in fact, 105 pages prepared by the UN Security Council, a group of experts charged with monitoring the respect for the sanctions imposed on Yemen. The report also warned that al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, the Yemeni branch of al-Qaeda, he developed the technical ability to mine and manufacture of explosive devices. The experts concluded in their report to the commission of "violations of international humanitarian law" by both Huthi rebels and their allies, and the government of Yemen and the Arab coalition that supported and led by Saudi Arabia. The report said that in May 2016 to launch 25 Arab coalition "air strike targeted a house civilians" in the camp, in the village of Lahij, killing six and its inhabitants, including four children. Experts stressed in their report that "there is no evidence (...) that this house was the time of the attack a military target." They added that they "continue to investigate" in three other air raids, is believed to have led to civilian casualties "in violation of international humanitarian law." Conversely experts in their report, they said, "almost certain that in Makha in Taiz governorate stash Houthi fighters and their equipment, inside or near the civilians and civilian facilities in order to avoid an attack (...) so deliberately exposed the civilian population at risk." As well as the Houthis detonating ammunition Kalsoarej For example, in populated areas, especially in Taiz, according to the report. The report also accused the rebels looted the Yemeni Central Bank reserves to finance their military operations, adding that they are looting $ 100 million a month. The report also pointed out that the organization of the jihadist Islamic state, received in March / March and April, "a large amount of cash in Yemen, which is used for recruitment and to finance its operations and purchase equipment." The rival jihadist al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, has developed two years ago, its ability to manufacture explosive devices, hand-made are planted on the roadside to target cars and mechanisms. The organization has also introduced a small factories to manufacture bombs, as he uses detonators Cirbeiah more accurate and effective. Behind the conflict in Yemen, more than 6,400 people dead and 2.8 million displaced people and refugees.