Transportation: Britain, Sweden and Denmark the approval to carry out flights to airports from next week

2016/8/4 23:53

Oan- Baghdad]

The Ministry of Transport, said the Iraqi Airways, I received a written approval by the aviation authorities in Britain, Sweden and Denmark for the fall of the Iraqi civil aviation airports.

The Minister of Transport Agency Abdul Hussein Abtan, according to a ministry statement received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of it, "with the beginning of next week will be implemented Iraqi pitch its registered b YI-arb journey from Baghdad to Copenhagen, as will continue trekking toward London and Stockholm respectively."

He stressed Abtan, that "reservations about these capitals are in front of everyone of Iraq and the world," he said. "This measure is not a lifting of the embargo on the Iraqi aircraft around Europe, but he is very advanced step in this direction."

The Minister of Transportation agency that "this achievement was the efforts of workers in the Iraqi Airways," calling to "do more to lift the ban on Iraqi aircraft once and for all."

The Minister of Transport Agency, Abdul-Hussein Abtan, announced on Wednesday, that "Iraqi Airways will resume flying to Europe starting next Sunday."

Among Abtan, he said "This measure is not a lifting of the ban on Iraqi aircraft it is a very advanced step of not less impact or value for the lifting of the ban, where its aircraft will be able to Iraqi and brand green bird from flying in European airspace."