Joint Operations: frustration scheme [Great Battle of Baghdad] to Daash raids in the existing [Extended]

2016/8/4 21:50

[Oan- Baghdad]

Announced the Joint Special Operations Command, thwarted a major terrorist plot to target gangs terrorist Daash the capital Baghdad and the southern provinces, targeting hideouts and gatherings of terrorists based in the district of western Anbar province.

A statement by the cell media Harbi received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of it, "thwarted cell hawks intelligence terrorism plots large tried to supervise directly the terrorist [Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, to target the capital Baghdad and the southern provinces with a number of bombs and suicide bombers wheels where she was this attempt miserable by Great Battle of Baghdad / Open]. "

He added that, "After the intelligence effort accurate and continuous follow-up of this process by the men of the right to a cell hawks was foiled this criminal scheme after directing four painful blows to the dens of terror Daash gangs which mined wheels and suicide bombers there in coordination with the Joint Operations, where he was F-16 air strikes successful and successful of these sites. "

The results of these strikes as follows according to the statement:

1. The first strike:

It was based in the district - Karabilah - near the modern market, which resulted in the killing of 18 terrorists, including 11 suicide bombers and injuring three others, two of them are in very serious condition.

It is the most dead Aldoaash in this process:

1. The terrorist [Abu Junaid Nestle Fallujah and works in the so-called mandate of Baghdad detachments transport.
2. The terrorist [Abu Ahmed Almraaoa vice officer in the former regime.
3. terrorist Raad Hamid [suicide].
4. terrorist Yunus Ansari [suicide].
5. terrorist [Abu Qaswarah Jubouri] suicide of Tarmiya.
6. terrorist [Abu Abdullah of Saudi] official forensic headquarters.
7. Dujana Iraqi [suicide].
8. terrorist Abu Suleiman al-Ansari.
9. Iranian terrorist Abu Maria.

The statement pointed out that "the additives that were destroyed contained the explosive belts that killed, the terrorist [Abu Abd al-Rahman] [Abu Humam / leadership in the former al-Qaida-old up to [36], a security official in Daash, feet of Mosul with a group of the suicide bombers. "

He also killed a "terrorist Bashar Ismail from the people of Mosul, an official of the process, the old [40 years]."

Second strike:

Was based spend also led to the bombing of three wheels bomb, the most important of these deaths in the terrorist strike [Abu Qatada al-Ansari.

Third strike:

Targeted additive backing led to the killing of some 13 terrorist bombers and bomb blast wheel and destroyed neighboring nests and resulted in the killing of a number of collaborators with al Daash They are the inhabitants of Fallujah and the most deaths in the terrorist strike [Abu Aestbrq] bombers official added above.

Strike Four:

Targeted explosives store in the neighborhood of the Euphrates and added Alsnczyk store, where that killed 11 terrorists from private security to transportation, also led to the bomb blast wheel of the Jeep brand gray color and the explosion of a store of explosive belts.

It is the most people killed in the strike:

1. The terrorist [Abu Humam] security official special transport.
2. terrorist Abu Maaz [assistant Abu Mahmoud Kurdi, a Saudi national age limits [37], the work in Afghanistan, left Yemen in 2013 and then fled to Syria in 2014, and left him a terrorist [Jamil Khalid Kma'le] to Iraq / Mosul, and the work in the transfer of foreign terrorists into Iraq.