Labour launches support small number of provinces enterprise loans

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Fired and the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs seventeen meal covered by soft loans for income-generating enrolled in operating loans circle in three provinces database.

A spokesman for the Ministry of Labour Ammar Menem said the number of covered seventeen meal who has made an earlier applications for loans amounted to (600) beneficiaries in the provinces (Anbar, Basra and Salahaddin) and will be handed over loans to direct the implementation of small projects that generate income within the lending fund program.

He added that the names posted on the website of the Ministry include borrowers within the (fund to support small projects) includes job seekers registered in the ministry database, applicants for a loan does not exceed the upper limit his JD 12 million to set up small businesses.

He noted that the ministry has also launched loans for graduates of Business Innovation of those who participated in shows small projects implemented by the ministry by the program (158), a name from the governorates (Baghdad, and Babil, Dhi Qar, and Salah al-Din).

He explained that the ministry has identified the covered outlets for review starting on Monday, 08/01/2016 According Mamben about every name, and can be viewed on the names covered on the website of the Ministry on the link, adding that the ministry meet the 3% wages administrative services of the loan amount.