Planning: international aid for the reconstruction of liberated areas exceeded our expectations

08/04/2016 (0:01 pm) - The number of readings: 107

Baghdad / term

Said Minister of Planning and Development Cooperation Salman Jumaili, on Wednesday, that the international aid for the reconstruction of liberated areas exceeded expectations, adding that he is working on the rehabilitation service projects.

Jumaily said in a statement the "long" received a copy of it, that "there are allocations and large amounts monitored the international community to restore stability and reconstruction in the liberated areas, including the vine and Fallujah," stressing that "the amounts were more than expected, as the volume of international grants totaled $ 2.1 billion ,. whereas what was expected is to get a billion dollars. "

Jumaili added that "there are important projects have not been damaged and others are being worked on rehabilitation Of these projects, water the vine and this project is ready for action and will provide drinking water for the citizens of the city," explaining that "the provision of water is an important factor in the return of displaced persons."

Jumaili and pointed out that "the government has allocated two billion dinars for the rehabilitation of the liberated areas, as well as money earned by Iraq from the donor countries, which will be allocated for the restoration of stability in the liberated areas," stressing the need to "fulfill your families displaced audit file to facilitate the prompt return as long as the city is ready ".