Video: Iraqi Airways to fly back to Europe next Sunday

Thursday 4 August 2016 16:15

Green Bird to fly back to Europe again, it evolved impressively announced by the Minister of Transport what constitutes a positive signal after nearly a year on the prohibition of Iraqi Airways from flying in Europe.

According to the minister, the next Sunday will be the date for the start of the Iraq flights to several European destinations, although he pointed out that this measure is not a lifting of the ban on Iraqi aircraft it is a step forward toward him.

Statement of the Ministry of Transport explained that the Iraqi Airways offices in Iraq and the world will start bookings from Baghdad, Basra and Najaf to Copenhagen, while there will be daily trips turn toward London, Stockholm and Frankfurt in the coming days.

Stresses are concerned that wide efforts have been made in the recent period by the Ministry of Transport to lift the ban on Iraqi Airways in addition to opening up new destinations and provide more services, which can make a lot of details change during the coming period in regards to the work of Iraqi Airways and the work of the ministry generally.

You can watch the video report above.