Iraq presides over the first meeting to update the Arab Convention to Combat Terrorism

2016/8/4 15:37

[Oan- follow-up]

Iraq's Arab-chaired the first meeting at the Arab League headquarters in Cairo to update the Arab Convention for the fight against terrorism.

Was launched yesterday the first meeting of the joint committee of experts and representatives of the Ministries of Justice and Interior in the Arab countries to modernize the Arab Convention on Combating Terrorism, Arab Strategy Arabian law the pilot, to be chaired by Iraq and represents cream _khasbak deputy head of the State Consultative Council of the Ministry of Justice.

_khasbak Said, "that this meeting which will be held over two days, aims to study the anti-terrorism legislation, including the Model Arab anti-terrorism law and Arab Convention and Arab strategy to combat terrorism."

"The participants of the representatives of the Ministries of Justice and Interior related to counter-terrorism and security authorities would put their views and comments on the current legislation and the need for the introduction of modern modifications to suit the required counter-terrorism efforts as a result of the widening scope and Azdiadh which in turn requires legislation to ensure the expansion of the scope of criminalization and consistent in the same time, with the UN Security Council resolutions and other international legislation. "

Al_khasbak explained, "This meeting comes in implementation of the decision of the Executive Bureau of the Arab Justice Ministers of the need to revisit the existing legislation, because terrorism is evolving day by day and thus also requires the development of the current legislation and updated to be able to address it."

On the Arab cooperation in the field of counter-terrorism said _khasbak that "there is cooperation between the Arab group in the fight against terrorism, especially in countries where the scope of terrorism can accommodate both with regard to the work of this group to help Iraq and Syria and conflict zones, and there is continuous cooperation to combat terrorism."