Uncover terrorist cells behind assassinations city of Aden

Yemen: uncover terrorist cells behind assassinations city of Aden

Maj. Gen. Ali waterfall common Hadi, director general of the governorate of Aden in southern Yemen, police said Wednesday that security forces in the province discovered a number of terrorist cells behind the killings, assassinations and bombings in the city, over the past few months.
This came during a meeting between the directors of police stations waterfall directorates and regions and departments and the CID and special units and the Drug Enforcement Administration and the Department of the fight against terrorism, according to a statement from the police office in the province seen by a reporter, "Anatolia".
He said the security official: "We found the overall terrorist cells that proceeded over the past few months on the implementation of the series of assassinations that affected senior officers, clergy, prosecutors and judges and soldiers," without further details. According to the statement, Shaya praised as "support for the police Aden from the Arab coalition countries, particularly the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and their support of the Metropolitan Police of Aden, which have had a good effect in the concrete achievements on the security side." And saw the Garden of Eden, the temporary capital of Yemen, over the past few months, killings and bombings affected the symbols of the state and army officers and judges, courts and a number of leaders of the resistance, but it gradually faded away after a security crackdown carried out by security forces in Aden in early March / March, the sites for the base. Since the last quarter of 2014, Yemen is witnessing a war between forces loyal to the Government of Yemen's president, Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi, backed forces "Arab alliance", led by Saudi Arabia, on the one hand, and forces loyal to the group "Ansar Allah" (Al-Houthi), and former president, Ali Abdullah Saleh, on the other hand, leaving thousands dead and wounded, as well as humanitarian, health difficult situations.