Obeidi's response to the level of a statement (of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and Iraq)

Defense Minister Khaled al - Obeidi , a response to a statement attributed to (the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and Iraq) is threatened with death if he continued to expose corruption files.
Obeidi said in a statement his office " has offered Iraqi channels shortly before the statement issued by the organization (the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and Iraq) threatening to Khalid al - Obeidi , Secretary of Defense death if he continued to reveal the corruption of parliament speaker Salim al - Jubouri , or any member of this organization."
He said al - Obeidi , "If Masah this statement, I confirm that my life will not be the most expensive or the most important of any Iraqi fighter hero fighting terrorists to protect his land and his people, and their threats , and God will not discourage us from detecting corruption of files or corruption of any official tempted to insulting the livelihoods of troops or weapons fighter, and our choice in the fight against terrorists, corruption, and one in which no return, and will not deter us and the threat or holiday whatever the price . "