Obeidi confirmed that government forces will not dispense with the popular crowd

Iraqi Defense Minister Khaled al - Obeidi , said that the popular crowd, will edit out the province of Mosul, saying that his participation "in the task of supporting the attribution of government forces , " as happened in the battle to liberate Fallujah west of the country.
He said al - Obeidi said in an interview with the channel "Press TV" Iran 's English - speaking, on Wednesday, that the "popular crowd has now become part of the Iraqi security system by order of the commander of the armed forces , Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi, who issued his decision last Saturday , " adding that " the experience edit Fallujah will be carried out in Mosul. "
He stressed that " the regular forces will remain in need of fighters of the popular crowd heroes, but no fatwa authority Ali al - Sistani to Baghdad fell , however Daash gangs , " asserting that "Daash has 70% of the land that was occupied in June 2014".
He pointed Obeidi -oho of Mosul province that " the fall of his province Daash However , in the era of former Prime Minister Nuri al - Maliki, has cost Iraq $ 27 billion as a result of the organization 's control over military equipment."