Chairman of the Integrity Commission: familiar with field teams will open all files
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Thread: Chairman of the Integrity Commission: familiar with field teams will open all files

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    Chairman of the Integrity Commission: familiar with field teams will open all files

    Chief of integrity: field teams accustomed to open all files and Defense Department contracts lest he executed or weaken the evidence later.

    2016-08-04 03:01:59 | (Voice of Iraq) Baghdad

    Al-yasiri invites everyone who is exposed to extortion by politicians or other recourse for body integrity and justice; ' caught in the Act

    Determined to uncover all the facts, whether statements
    Yassiri: submitting my resignation procedures suspended Abadi beginning July; taking into account recent developments

    Detect Chief Hassan Al-yasseri integrity Wednesday 3/8/2016 Commission action on Defense Minister Khalid Al-Obeidi during a questioning in Parliament, stressing that Al-Obeidi will attend on Thursday to make a statement before the latest accusations regarding integrity against House Speaker Dr Salim alhabori and several MPs and politicians, on extortion and corruption and compromise.

    Yassiri said, according to the official site for the body, body integrity doesn't need to lift the immunity of members of the House of representatives in the framework of preliminary investigations undertaken, stressing that all those named in the statements of Al-Obeidi will call, no exceptions in the calling process and hear the testimonies, however, blew out his stature or he thought that his political force that can protect him from the proceedings ".

    Officials and citizens and called on House members to resort to the judiciary and regulators were subjected to blackmail and bargaining, in order to Institute the necessary legal proceedings against the racketeers and the bargainer "However I think those partisan backgrounds or political force" emphasizing da ready body to implement the adjustments any official or politician or person engaged in extortion or threatening to staff or responsible; to be an example to others, and that exposure to extortion or actual bargaining notice concerned from regulatory agencies and the judiciary, this legal obligation and not an Institute or Particular mood; lest we miss the opportunity to arrest the people involved and they metlb

    Sun-handed, lest he be executed or weaken the evidence later. "

    He drew his resignation procedures will stop it yasiri made by Prime Minister Dr Haidar Abadi end of Ramadan (last month), "the circumstances and particularly what finally happened in the interrogation session the Minister of defence, has prompted me to wait on further action to resign; general interest and importance and seriousness of the information received in recent questioning session until I reveal all the facts to the public."

    It is noteworthy that Defence Minister Dr Khalid Al-Obaidi accused "during a questioning in Parliament on Tuesday, major figures in the State of corruption and offer him and blackmail him for decades, military vehicles and wehmrat aircraft deals and feed the soldiers, was the most prominent speaker Selim Jabouri.

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