Baghdad embraces the International Conference to support efforts to eradicate ISIS

04/8/2016 12:00 am

Baghdad Alaa taie

Baghdad is preparing to embrace a broad international conference mid this month to discuss support for Iraq's efforts to defeat ISIS in the presence than its State, as well as the participation of more than 70 international experts.

Media Committee statement said the Organization of the Conference, «Iraq intends to embrace an important international conference in Baghdad mid-August on intensifying efforts to defeat the terrorist Islamic State «» pointing out that «where scheduled to take part in more than 50 countries plus the United Nations and the European Union and NATO and the Office to combat international terrorism in London and the Arabic League, as well as the presence of more than 70 international experts.

The statement, that the Conference would be held under the slogan «world with Iraq to defeat Saba» pointing out that «global confidence in the Iraq became too big and became a turning point in supporting the efforts of a country after the Elimination of ISIS.

Iraq has been embraced on 12 March 2014, the first International Conference to combat terrorism with the participation of more than 25 countries and 40 experts competent in the field of terrorism and ways to combat it, also attended a number of international dignitaries and representatives of the United Nations and the League of the Islamic and Arabic and international police cooperation, senior officials in the Government. .