Transportation: Iraqi planes to resume flights to Europe next Sunday [Extended]

2016/8/3 16:54


The Minister of Transport Agency, Abdul-Hussein Abtan, on Wednesday, said that "Iraqi Airways will resume flying to Europe starting next Sunday."

He Abtan, according to a ministry statement received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of it on Wednesday, said that "the company's offices in Iraq and the world will start bookings from Baghdad, Basra and Najaf to Copenhagen as there will be daily trips turn toward London, Stockholm and Frankfurt in the coming days."

Among Abtan, he said "This measure is not a lifting of the ban on Iraqi aircraft it is a very advanced step of not less impact or value for the lifting of the ban, where its aircraft will be able to Iraqi and brand green bird from flying in European airspace."

He praised the Minister of Transport and the agency, "the importance of this step and great efforts have been made to achieve them and all those who contributed to it," calling for "do more to announce the lifting of the ban after completely remove all justification for it."

The European Commissioner for Transport, announced on 16 June last, and for the continuation of the ban on the passage of Iraqi Airways, above the atmosphere of the European Union, which comprises 28 countries, while allowing most of Iran Air planes [Iran Air] to resume flights of the Union.

She drew the Commission to "ban a total of 214 airline certified in 19 countries from the use of the field of EU air in addition to the two airlines are Iraqi Airways and Blue lines wing [Suriname] due to safety concerns."