Abadi: We are not against the right of Parliament to interrogation and the Minister detect any blackmail them [Extended]

2016/8/3 16:49

[Oan- Baghdad]

Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi confirmed that the government will not stand rebuffed in front of parliament to exercise his right in the questioning of Ministers and Officials process.

Ebadi said, according to a statement his office received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of it, presided over the Cabinet meeting on Wednesday, said that "the government is not against the practice of the House of Representatives right to be questioned," and stressed "the need to take tough measures against serious charges of corruption, which has become the issue public opinion and raised during the questioning of the defense minister's meeting, "calling on ministers to" not to allow any blackmail and revelations. "

The Council of Ministers discussed according to the statement of the current issues and the situation of the displaced and accelerate them back to their towns liberated's efforts to restore stability under the program, and decisions on the agenda at hand.

The Cabinet decided to raise the ceiling for the implementation of the financial business of the Secretariat to 300 million dinars for the construction of camps for displaced people in preparation for the expected likelihood of displacement by the processes of liberalization and an exception to the instructions of budget execution and government contracts No. 2 of 2014.

In the field of youth support and enhance their role in building the country and defend it, the Council of Ministers approved "the establishment of the celebrations honoring the young and talented and creative people on the occasion of World Youth Day and honoring the families of martyrs and wounded of our young heroes sacrifices of members of the security forces and the staff of the ministry or other government institutions, and the establishment of the Iraqi Media Network cover the youth week, which begins on the sixth of this month. ".

The Council also approved "emergency electricity plan projects for the province of Basra, the inclusion within the financial allocations for the province, according to the tables contained linking her with a number: 1401, dated 06.12.2016 within the conservative plan above for 2016, which have been providing financial allocation and liquidity necessary to implement them with $ 95 billion and 655 million dinars for the completion of the development of electric and actually improve the level of citizens equipped with electric power. "

And he agreed "on the action steps for the preparation of the national development plan for the years 2018 -2022 contained a book under the Ministry of Planning with a number: 2/6/4250, dated 02.25.2016."

The cabinet approved "the recommendation of the Foreign Ministry on the extension of yard work of the Indian consulate in Arbil province to include the province of Nineveh, in addition to the provinces [Arbil, Sulaimaniya and Dohuk] with an emphasis on retention of the Republic of Iraq the right to open a consulate general in the Indian republic in the future in accordance with the principle of reciprocity." .
The statement pointed out "along with the approval of the issuance of Order No. [] for the year 2016, the ceremony which Dqgah the State Council system, based on the provisions of Article [80 / item III of the Constitution and Article 2 of the ceremony Law No. 26 of 2000, with taking into consideration the observations and approved by the cabinet. "

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