Baghdad municipality Announces greater clearance bypass their territory in Sadr City.

2016/8/3 16:38

{Baghdad: Euphrates news}

Baghdad announced to remove larger override on their northern embankment area in Sadr City demolishing sites utilized by some spirited in coordination with local residents.

According to a statement by the Baghdad municipality received {Euphrates news} copy, "curator Jessica Memorial field informed Baghdad with the Under Secretariat of Baghdad for Municipal Affairs and the directors of the first and second thoracic and Chambers on the action taken by the second chest municipality in cooperation with security forces and residents of the area to remove serious abuses in the Northern embankment opposite the (38) and of copper material smelting plants and sale of fuel tanks and garages used by some spirited was trying to exploit the Earth for cutters sold as residential plots are random.

"The second chest municipality managed in great efforts to remove these excesses accumulated {13} years ago as a result of the rush and prominent role in cooperation with the cadres of the Baghdad municipality what yielded prevent exploited by some spirited."

The statement noted that "cadres of the municipal Chamber has been many threats and assassination attempts going it affected herself only complement the legal duty to maintain the physical fabric of the city and no override on the territory of the municipality of Baghdad."

The Secretary of Baghdad made thanks to the people who supported {38} sector cadres of the municipal Chamber and contributed in maintaining their area as the municipal Chamber site configuration which {10} dunums to turn it into an entertainment venue for the people of the region.