Legislative power: Government austerity hinders the rehabilitation of Bayji

3 August, 2016

Baghdad/SNG parliamentary energy Petroleum Commission attributed not to restart oil Bayji in Northern Salahuddin province which produces 300 thousand barrels prior edit from big bands to the terrorist Islamic State to which he was subjected during military operations to free it from terrorist Islamic State gangs.

The Chairman said Ares Abdullah, in a press statement that "Bayji needs to rebuild this process needs huge sums today with State financial crisis as oil and Energy Committee, the oil Ministry has repeatedly talked about this and are also interested in the" reconstruction "drained almost entirely destructive and takes money and time to play.

He noted that "many oil fields located in war zones and encountered a drunken khamrin, Mosul, and others having edited Saba need reconstruction and explore other that hasn't spotted you yet.".