The Kirkuk electricity: Baghdad and Kurdistan conservative operatives {650} MW of energy.

2016/8/3 11:39

{Kirkuk: Euphrates news} detection Notification Manager Northern region electricity distribution qais Al radwany, Wednesday, for receiving the Kirkuk governorate 650 MW as a share of Baghdad and Kurdistan.

He said the Al radwany {Euphrates news} today, when high temperatures and bypassed the usual grades increased electricity consumption ", noting that" conservatism has privacy that Kurdistan provides maintenance for 250 MW of investor, plus share of Baghdad of 400 MW.

"The hours programmed pieces in the province does not exceed 8 hours a day, thus the province of Kirkuk is Iraq provinces more stable power supply for citizens."

Kirkuk Council Chief riboar ultra conservative was determined, renewing her contract with a private company to provide electricity for five or 10 years to come, considering Kirkuk, request after receiving the displaced people who formed an additional drain on energy, proposing conversion of civilians displaced by provincial quotas to Kirkuk to compensate.

The province of Kirkuk, 250 km northeast of Baghdad, and three production plants is a power plant Taza and filled Abdullah and molasses over and invasive.