Daily Star: 9 thousand armed exist inside Mosul and editing requires 30 thousand fighters

Conducted Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi Sunday talks in Baghdad with Gen. Joe Dnford chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and discussed with him expelled from the city of Mosul Daash plans.
Washington is leading an international coalition carried out air strikes against Daash in addition to providing training, advice and other means of support for the Iraqi forces. According to a statement to the prime minister's office said the two sides discussed the escalation of cooperation between the two countries in the fields of training, arming and supporting the ongoing coalition plans for Iraq and edit Mosul.
Iraqi forces are conducting operations in preparation for an attack on the city of Mosul, seized by Daash since June 2014, but it is likely that the final attack begins to recover after months.
For his part, Defense Minister Khaled al-Obeidi in an interview Saturday evening that Daash leaders began to flee from the city of Mosul, at a time when the Iraqi forces and the Peshmerga applied to the city's support of the United States.
During the interview, Defense Minister Khaled al-Obeidi said he had information that the senior Daash leaders began to leave before the attack, scheduled to begin in September, where he said that "a lot of families Daash and their commanders in Mosul have sold their belongings and sneaked into Syria, as some of them tried to sneak to the Kurdistan region. "
The Mosul - with two million inhabitants - the capital alleged Daash in Iraq and the largest city controlled by the Group. Civilians are trying to escape from the city to the murder, as the group has mined roads with explosives and deploy snipers.
In the past, the estimated number of fighters in the city Daash 9 thousand, though their expulsion would require at least 30 thousand men are engaged in street fighting from house to last for six months. The campaign has gained momentum in recent weeks, with the restoration of Iraqi forces an important air base in Qayyarah area south of Mosul.
United States-which provide air support also announced - that it would send an additional 500 fighters to help strengthen the Iraqi army, which is likely to receive the support of the fight against terrorism and popular crowd forces to restore the city, despite the fact that the human rights organization has warned of the use of the parties that have a record of violations serious.
He said al-Obeidi said the biggest challenge would be to protect civilians, in previous attacks Daash used them as human shields and preventing them from leaving the cities. Mosul is the last urban controlled by Daash in Iraq, only to be restored a major challenge, and is likely to unleash a humanitarian crisis unless the plans for displaced people fleeing from the city not developed.
It expects the Red Cross displaced a million people in the coming months because of the fighting. For its part, aid agencies warned that the battle of Mosul could fuel the largest humanitarian crisis in years.
Millions of civilians and escape from the city of Sharqat controlled by Daash attack by Iraqi forces, which will be a big step toward restoring Daash stronghold in Mosul.
He pledged to restore Abadi Mosul by the end of this year after more than two years on the crash, however extremists.
According to the agency, the United Nations refugee and local security officials, more than 33 thousand people have fled south from Sharqat the past two months. Where is the control of the nearby town of Sharqat Qayyarah is crucial to the protection of the air base in Qayyarah, which restored Iraqi forces recently, from mortars and rocket attacks to be used by the US-backed Iraqi forces as a hub for logistics services to the process of Mosul.
For its part the crowd moved the popular forces, who are fighting alongside the government, last week, toward the outskirts of Shirqat but withdrew later, according to sources in the crowd. Security sources said that the elite forces of the fight against terrorism - which was spearheaded in recent battles against Daash - will lead the attack on the Sharqat.
Military officials declined to discuss the timing of the operation but said it would be close. In a television interview with them Sunday, Defense Minister Khaled al-Obeidi did not specify whether the process will precede the battle of Mosul, but said recent progress has isolated Sharqat Hawija and from the rest of the areas controlled by Daash.
Officials warn of a humanitarian disaster looming on the horizon, where the locals are struggling to get food and basic services.
Police said one of the leaders in the Salahuddin province, which is located Sharqat that there are thousands of people in the nearby areas are trapped between the Daash security forces. The civilians were housed in a government camp near pilgrims south of Sharqat, where it was erected tents in the desert and isolate the men from the women and children in order to conduct security checks.
He spoke displaced people who have been evacuated from Sharqat to pilgrims camp for rising prices and the lack of basic services under the rule Daash, Fayyad said Durgham "Matt a lot of children due to lack of milk, and drinking water is not available and we had to drink from the water of the river is full of dirt."
Others mentioned how the radicals imposed Tvsarham hardline Islamic law, Omar Ahmad "You can not leave the house where it should be short Dashdachtk and beard long. You can not smoke where it is under fifty lashes with a whip for every cigarette," he says.