Jordan criticizes the trade decision: ban the import of our products attempt to distort our industry

Counting trade Jordanian foodstuffs Union, on Tuesday, that the ban on Iraq to import some food products from the UK attempt to "discredit" the Jordanian industry and the opening of the Iraqi market to other countries, noting that this would lead to "undo the largest" commercial traffic between the two countries, which originally fell 30% since the closure of the border between the two countries for security reasons.
The head of the Union, Khalil Haj Tawfiq, in response to a statement by the Ministry of Commerce on the prohibition of Jordanian origin from entering the country products and I followed (range Press), "The Iraqi Ministry of Trade banned the import of some food products, including the Jordanian products for reasons of health and safety aspects related to," adding that it "an attempt to tarnish the reputation of Jordanian producers."
The Ministry of Commerce issued a statement in, (the thirtieth of July 2016), prohibiting the import of several Jordanian foodstuffs in order to protect the Iraqi consumer.
He said Tawfiq, that "Jordan supports the highest levels of the provisions of the artistic techniques in the world, and that prevents any product in Jordan if they contained banned additives"