Activists sue the Dutch government in The Hague to poor air quality

It offers activists Dutch judicial complaint in The Hague against their government's pretext that the air quality in the Netherlands and bad government bore responsibility for failing to make efforts to address air pollution, thus violating the fundamental rights of citizens.
Environmentalists and stresses that it should be the state, under the Constitution "to protect citizens from the air is pure," cheerfully campaign got 57 signed a citizen by virtue of a participatory process of financing allowed to collect 30 thousand euros to cover the expenses of the judicial path.
As part of a lawsuit filed Environmental Defense "Milidefnssa Group" group stressed that "the Netherlands exceeded the maximum allowable limits in the field of air quality and is violating the fundamental rights by failing to make efforts to address air pollution."
Her campaign manager Anne Knoll in a statement that "This pollution causes thousands of deaths every year and tens of thousands
Of cases of the disease. This is unacceptable. "
This complaint is presented in The Hague is the first step of a long path that could lead to a trial expected its first meeting on August 17 to determine.
The other group dedicated to the defense of the environment has the latest judicial precedent in this area with a ruling ordering the government to quarter reduction of greenhouse gas emissions by 2020.
Scholars have described the climate of the judgment in June 2015, "important event" in the context of the initiative of 900 Dutch citizen participated out of their fight against climate change.
The government resumed its part of this provision.