Iran: write off the Saudi Alliance blacklist treason against the children of Yemen

He said Iran 's permanent representative to the United Nations Organization , Gholam Ali Khoshroo, write - off led coalition Arabia from the list of violators of children 's rights in Yemen name, betrayal of the right of children and would affect the credibility of the organization and damaging the structure of the human rights principles.
This came in a speech to the Ambassador and Permanent Delegate of the Islamic Republic of Iran at the United Nations on Tuesday in the UN Security Council plenary meeting on children and armed conflict.
Khoshroo said in his speech, said the air attacks in Yemen which resulted until now in the deaths of hundreds of children in Yemen, is led to the result of only the base and Daash growth? If the conscience of the global community may Cover dormant over the killing of children of Yemen, is he can be relieved of mind towards the strategic threat posed by the growth of extremism and terrorism?