Pyongyang fired a new ballistic missile

North Korea fired, the morning of Wednesday, August 3 / August, a new ballistic missile model "Rodong", as quoted by South Korean Joint Chiefs of Staff.
South Korean authorities explained that the missile was fired in the area southwest of Pyongyang toward the eastern sea, adding that it cut about a thousand kilometers away.
Seoul announced that this experience emphasizes the need to deploy advanced US missile defense system model "THAAD" on the territory of South Korea.
For its part , the Japanese government convened an emergency meeting of the National Security Council in the country against the backdrop of North Korea 's launch of ballistic missiles.
Tokyo noted that the ballistic missile launched by Pyongyang landed in waters about 250 kilometers west of Akita Prefecture in Japan 's exclusive maritime economic zone for the Japanese side.
This is the first time that a North Korean missile in the exclusive economic zone of Japan falls.
For its part , the US military announced that monitoring is absolutely in sync for two ballistic missiles term Mediterranean from North Korea in the early morning of Wednesday.
The US Strategic Command in a statement that one of the rockets exploded immediately after launch, the second missile , " who took a course over North Korea toward the Sea of Japan."
The US State Department strongly condemned "this experiment, other experiments and to launch missiles by North Korea recently."
Said Julia Mason , spokeswoman for the US State Department spokesman: "We remain ready to work with our allies and partners around the world to respond to further provocations from the Democratic People 's Republic of Korea (North Korea) and also to defend ourselves and our allies from attack or provocation."
This missile test North Korea comes 15 days after the launch of Pyongyang 's missile "Rodong" The Rocket "Scud" on July 19 last.
Thus , the number of ballistic missiles launched by North Korea since the North Korean leader Kim Jong - un took power five years ago , which, to 32 ballistic missile.