Lebanese newspaper headlines on Wednesday: 08/03/2016

Of Lebanon 's leading newspaper headlines on Wednesday : 08/03/2016
Interlocutors are embarrassed .. without «safe exit»!
Aleppo: the storming Ramouseh failed attack last despair?
Israeli confusion between Trump and Clinton
Brazil 's poor are deprived of the presence of «Rio Olympics»
The death of Ahmed Zewail
Trilogy "written dialogue reads from his first day , " Boroujerdi "siren" Palestinians against Saudi Arabia
Russia delayed break "collar Aleppo" and recriminations using gas
Erdogan accused the West of being with the putschists and cleansing includes 94 judgment and responsible in football
France bids farewell to Father Hamel amid tight security
The news
Conflict over gas
Hariri gives up «Oger»
«Collar Aleppo» before the critical days
Siniora at the dialogue table: ready for a consensus candidate
the future
Erdogan accused the West support «terrorism» and the putschists
The first day of «tripartite dialogue» in the eye of the fig tree: an agreement on the constitution and the Taif
Qabbani's «future»: the issue of demarcation between Lebanon and Syria addressed in a timely manner
«Dialogue of the deaf» Scurry in the eye of the fig tree and the positions spaced
Barre new proposal for Doha do not receive a response ... and Jumblatt did not see the president on the horizon
Battle «last chance» in Aleppo and raids Russian opposition slows progress
He stressed that the agenda of the talks with Putin «open» Erdogan West accuses of supporting terrorism and the putschists
Moscow raises questions about the credibility of Washington in the war against «victory»
Syrian army absorbs counter - attacks in the southern and western rural Aleppo
Barre to take out the dialogue of stagnation ... and the Hardan of the election law is applied Taif
Dialogue stems .. no chairman or basket
Syrian presence in Kesrouan under surveillance ..
Russian strikes slow down the opposition and poison gas on Idlib
Berri fears that Lebanon goes victim of serious deals
Vicious circles Dialogue: No President of the Republic and the attempts to penetrate the election law