Cabinet directs with a formal letter to provide the necessary support to implement the Nasiriyah and Kut airports

2016/8/2 23:39

{Baghdad: Euphrates news} in the Cabinet in a formal letter to provide relevant support to carry out international airports of Nasiriyah and Kut.

The Transport Ministry said the Agency received a copy of {Euphrates news} today "the Cabinet in a ordinary meeting held at 28 7/28 at the Transport Minister Abdul Hussein abtan Agency by Ministry of transport created a civilian international airports, one in Nasiriyah airport and other international airport of Kut."

"I came a formal letter by the Secretariat of the Cabinet to the Ministry of the need to ensure the aviation safety standards are met and the approval of the civil aviation authority to establish two airports.
The book stressed that the relevant ministries to provide the necessary support for the implementation of the projects.

The Transport Minister has already announced his intention of Nasiriyah airport opening date 9/26 with Kut airport will be opened on 12/26.

Rehabilitation work is being completed aircraft parking apron and communication devices in Nasiriyah airport travelers lounge in preparation for its opening at the appointed hour.