MP: Obeidi answer session questioning were not convincing to many Member

2016-08-02 23:44:19 | (Voice of Iraq) - Baghdad

Revealed the Parliamentary Integrity Committee member Bahaa Jamal al- Din said many members of parliament were not convinced the answer given by the Minister of Defense in the questioning session.

He praised the beauty of religion interrogations carried out by the Deputy High Nassif noting that there are a lot of observations about the work of the defense minister Khaled al - Obeidi.

He pointed out that there are many transactions between the presidency of the parliament and several parliamentary blocs and was the Minister of Defence files revealed early.

The House of Representatives and hold a hearing to question Defense Minister Khaled al - Obeidi on Monday (1 August 2016), on the background of the corruption files, was charged with al - Obeidi , Parliament Speaker Salim al involvement files arming decades and others, as well as also being accused of a number of MPs saying them names of involvement in corrupted files large and extortion.